Custom Finisher Medal Process

Choose your base metal or contact us for precious metals.


A heavier metal, from which we make thinner and smaller
medals. Up to 2.0" and die stamped.

Soft Enamel Zinc

A malleable material, this metal is completely customizable
in size and thickness. 2.0" and larger.

Choose your Finisher Medal metal finish

Shiny Gold

Shiny Nickel

Matte Gold

Shiny Bronze

Antique Gold

Antique Bronze

Shiny Silver

Antique Nickel

Matte Silver

Shiny Copper

Antique Silver

Antique Copper

Shiny Gold

Black Nickel

Have us design your Finisher Medal & Ribbon

Award winning graphics department can create or modify your Finisher Medal & ribbon design while our sales team can walk you through our process.

Grosgrain Ribbon - Blank or Printed

For simple ribbons, with solid colors and print,
we recommend the grosgrain ribbon.

Satin Ribbon - Full Color Sublimation

For ribbons with intricate designs and
patterns we recommend the satin ribbon.

Finisher Medal ribbons are completely customizable. Your ribbon can be as simple as one color or as elaborate as you can imagine.

Select your Finisher Medal & Ribbon colors

Coordinating between shirt, bib, ribbon and medal for a completely coordinated package.

Colorfill On The Medal

Finisher medals can be color filled
with any color you’d like.

Colors and Logos On The Ribbon

Ribbon designs can be completely custom
and can be made with any logo or color.

Finalize your medal and ribbon design

Bringing your vision to life.

Let's Begin

You’re just one step away from creating your
custom finisher medals!