Finisher Medal FAQ

Do you have stock medals?

Yes, we now carry some themed stock medals that can be customized to your event.  Themes include most major Holidays.


How many colors can I use in my design?

You can choose up to 10 colors in your medal as an attachment. Keep in mind, use of colors does affect overall cost.

How much detail can I have for sponsors and text?

We guarantee the artwork will have the finest definition and clarity possible.  Keep in mind that metal tooling is created to produce award and finisher medals so there are some limitations.

Can you help me design a medal?

Yes! We offer design services from our in-house graphics department. If all you have is an idea, you can describe it to us and our team of designers will work with you to bring your vision to life.

What is the minimum number of medals per order?

We can accommodate orders of a single medal. However our smaller orders are usually around 80-100 medals.

What art file formats are acceptable?

While the preferred format is Adobe Illustrator CS6 or EPS, a high resolution jpeg (300 dpi) saved at actual print size may be used. Each design is reviewed on a case by case basis. Vector art is always best for producing the best finished product.

What if I have to change my design after I’ve placed an order?

Changes can be made up until the fabrication phase of your order. This is why we have a thorough design phase, to eliminate any need for last minute changes. Once designs go to factory, orders cannot be changed or cancelled.

Can I order different designs within the same order?

Different designs will be considered as separate orders. New Tooling must be created for each design. We can make subtle changes and you can also create a design on the back, Call a Finisher Medal sales person to discuss your specific request.

What is the expected delivery time?

Standard production time is about 3 weeks once the design is approved. We prefer artwork at 45 days but we have been known to pull off the occasional miracle of one week.

What if my order arrives damaged or looks different from what was designed?

Your money will be refunded in full.

Do you charge tax on international orders?

Orders may be subject to sales taxes, depending on the Nation/Region.

Do you offer any products other than custom medals?

Yes. With over 25 years’ experience as a manufacturing and direct print company we provide a single contact to meet all event needs. Our partner companies Kassmo Products, Swim Head and Finisher Tee (see links below) can provide just about any item needed with guaranteed delivery, quality and price.

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